SOP for Dependent Visa Australia- Complete Guide for 2014
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Does lonely foreign life bother you?  Planning to bring your dependents to Australia? Then this blog is for you. This blog is a comprehensive guide on how to write an SOP for Dependent Visa Australia. Reading the blog helps you understand:

What is SOP for Dependent Visa?

It is a statement written by the dependent of the person who is staying in Australia. It allows dependents to explain their reason to stay with the person who is in Australia. Usually written by family members of the person who is abroad, it is a statement written to emphasize the bond between the person and the one who is staying abroad. It can be written by an individual or some people together, addressing the embassy officials and is used to explain their relationship and the reason to stay together. 

Importance of SOP for Australia Dependent Visa

SOP for Australia is an important element of your Dependent Visa application for Australia. It gives you a platform to explain your reason to be with the person who is in Australia. Below we list a few points that explain why an SOP is important for an Australia Dependent Visa.

Guidelines for Writing Dependent Visa SOP

Following correct guidelines matters when writing a Statement of Purpose for Dependent Visa. Confused about how to write an SOP for Dependent Visa, here are some guidelines.

How to Write an SOP for Dependent Visa

The Visa Issuing Authority scrutinizes each and every document attached with the application very carefully. So you have to be careful while writing an SOP for Dependent Visa and must avoid all mistakes, so that you don’t face rejection. Here is how you must approach a Dependent Visa SOP. 

Analyze the requirements for Visa application

Analyze and understand the requirements of the application for the dependent visa in Australia.

Understand the format

Go through the SOP Sample for Dependent Visa Australia, and understand the format and style to be followed while writing a Statement of Purpose for Dependent Visa Australia.

Gather all the points

Brainstorm and gather all the points that you wish to write in your SOP for Dependent Visa. 

Plan an outline

With the points gathered, plan an outline and structure for your visa SOP and write accordingly. Pick the most relevant and latest information. 

Proofread and check for errors

Proofread your document and check for errors like grammar, spelling, etc. 

SOP for Dependent Visa Australia Sample

Referring SOP sample for Dependent Visa Australia can help you gain an understanding of how to structure it attractively. Here is a Dependent Visa sample SOP for Spouse Visa, refer it and analyze it to better write your SOP for Dependent Visa. 

I am Krishnamoorthy S, an Indian citizen and father of Krishna Das S who is currently working as a cyber security engineer at Yztspc IT Company, Sydney, Australia. Through this brief letter, I would like to present my reasons for traveling to Australia as a dependent to be with my son. 

I am 62 years old and currently residing in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I am a retired civil engineer with three decades of professional experience in the PWD Department of Tamil Nadu. My wife Shantakumari M passed away one year ago and I am residing alone in my family home. Krishna Das is my only child and he traveled to Australia on a work visa three years ago. Although I have my family members for support, I wish to spend some quality time with my son in Australia and for that I am in need of a dependent visa. 

Krishna Das has always been an enthusiastic individual passionate about the IT industry. I have always supported his career choices and used the financial resources at my disposal to see him succeed. I was very proud of his achievements when he was able to secure a job in Australia. He left India in 2019 and has been residing in Sydney ever since. He returned to India once to take part in his mother’s funeral rites and spend two months with me. 

After my wife’s death, I have been afflicted by the lethargy of old age. Although I don’t have any serious illnesses, the prospect of having to spend most of my time alone is affecting my mental health. I have accepted the fact that I am at the dusk of my life and I would like to spend my remaining time with my son who is my only close kin. I have a loving relationship with him and I am sure that standing by his side would certainly make me happy and content. Experiencing the warmth of family life will not only lift my spirits but also give me the emotional support I require at this time in my life. 

Hence, I request the Australian Visa Authorities to issue me a dependent visa so I can live with Krishna Das in Sydney. I promise to follow all rules and the conditions of my stay in Australia, and I hereby certify that I am fully aware of the obligations associated with my visa. Krishna Das is currently residing at (Address) which is a two bedroom apartment. Moreover he has an annual income of AU$138,250 per year. Additionally, I have savings amounting to AU$ 65,000 and other assets worth AU$ 124,000. My son and I have enough financial resources to support my stay in Australia. 

I have traveled to European countries like the UK, Germany and Monaco as a tourist and I have familiarised myself with the culture and etiquette of the western world. As such, I will not have a problem assimilating with the lifestyle of Australia. I am also fluent in English and can keep a conversation going. 

After Krishna Das completes his professional tenure with Yztspc IT Company, we will return to our homeland in Coimbatore. Krishna Das is my sole successor and I wish to see him get married and settle in India. 

I am submitting all the necessary documents and meeting all the prerequisites for the visa application with this letter. I sincerely hope that your review of my application will be favourable and that you will provide me the opportunity to be reunited with my son and once more enjoy the pleasures of family life.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Top Expert Tips on How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Dependent Visa

If you’re dreaming of accompanying your family member to Australia, then the importance of an SOP for Australia Dependent Visa must not be taken lightly. Here are some expert tips that have to be taken care of while writing an SOP for Dependent Visa. 

Some Dos and Don’ts to Follow While Writing a Statement of Purpose for Dependent Visa

Understanding the do’s and don’ts while writing an SOP for Dependent Visa matters, as this will help you come up with a faultless SOP. 



SOP for Dependent Visa for Popular Countries

An SOP is a mandatory document to explain the depth of your relationship. No matter you are applying for which country, an SOP is asked so that the Visa officials get a comprehensive idea about the relationship. Below are some of the top countries that require an SOP to bring their dependents to the host country. 

A Statement of Purpose for Dependent Visa enables you to be with your dear and near ones. But are you qualified to write an SOP for Dependent Visa? If you come under any of the following categories, don’t be hesitant, draft your SOP and take preparations to be with your dear one.

  •   Partner or Spouse    
  •   Minor or Child      
  •   Elderly Dependent or Parent    
  •   Family Reunification     
  •   Domestic Partner     

Essential Documents Required for SOP for Dependent Visa

Pondering what all documents you may be asked to submit while applying for a Dependent Visa? Here are your answers. 


It’s time to conclude the blog. Are you satisfied with the content of the blog? 

Hope this blog provided you with insightful information on the topic SOP for Dependent Visa Australia. We are excited to know your opinion. 

Feel free to comment in the comment section below. Wish you all the very best with your writing of SOP for Australian Dependent Visa and have a great time together with your dear ones in Australia. 

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