How to write an attractive SOP for Hotel Management in Australia

If you are planning to study Hotel Management in Australia, you need to go through a lot of processes. Right? Yes. One of the most important processes is writing a perfect SOP for the hotel management program. Are you not confident enough to write it? Or don’t you know how to write it?

Well, we have solutions for you. We will help you to understand how to write a strong SOP for Hotel Management in Australia. Our portions can be divided into the following :

Let’s start from knowing what an SOP is.

What is SOP for Hotel Management in Australia?

SOP is a personal statement that talks about your intentions, academics, work experiences, motivation, career plans, etc. Through the SOP for the Hotel Management course, the admission officers can evaluate you. In other words, SOP  presses who and what you are.

Why is an SOP for Hotel Management important?

Do you have to care about SOP? Does it have any importance? Yes! Yes! Your SOP can affect your whole admission process. How? The admission officials get an impression about you after reading your SOP.

So, it is important to write a perfect SOP for Hotel Management in Australia.

How to write an attractive SOP for Hotel Management in Australia

SOP writing is a tough and challenging process, especially  if you are writing it for the first time. How to write it can be a question in your mind. Follow the below steps to know how to write an attractive SOP for Hotel Management in Australia. Let’s get started!

Paragraph 1

You should attract your readers through the first paragraph. Discuss about yourself and how you chose this particular program, college and country for your studies.

Paragraph 2

What comes next is your academic qualifications. You should prove how eligible and worthy you are for the program Hotel Management. Talk about academic achievements and honours you have received.

Paragraph 3

If you have any work experience that is an additional advantage. Mention your responsibilities and skills in your job. Also you can add qualities and skills that make you a perfect candidate for a Hotel Management course.

Paragraph 4

This section of SOP should mention your reasons for choosing this course, country and university for higher studies. Express how enthusiastic and passionate you are about the program. Mention the possible outcomes after studying the course.

Paragraph 5

It is a conclusion paragraph. You should sum up all the relevant details into your last paragraph. Adding your short and long term career plan is important in this section.

However,  these formats and structures can vary depending on the universities. But when you are asked to write in the general format of SOPs, you can follow these steps. Always adhere to the rules while writing your SOP for Hotel Management course in Australia

SOP Sample for Hotel Management

Go through a perfect sample SOP for your reference.

India has had a long tradition of catering to its guests, as it is mentioned in its age-old philosophy. With this and its picturesque places, Hotel Management is probably one of the most prominent sectors in India, as it is closely associated with the travel and tourism that occurs in the country. My family has been instrumental in me developing a keen interest in travel which in turn also familiarized me with how labor-intensive the hospitality sector is. As a student at the beginning of his career, I have chosen to pursue a Bachelor’s program in Hotel Management at (institution name), Australia, that is focused on providing me with the insights I need. 

As a student, I have been consistent in maintaining a good academic record, as I belonged to a family that gave much importance to obtaining a proper education. This includes my Secondary School Certificate at ______, and my higher secondary education at __________, which I completed with good results. My education was also sustained by my active participation in sports and extracurricular activities hosted at my school. This also helped me work on my abilities in interpersonal interactions, leadership, and communication, which I know are valuable skills to possess for the career I have envisioned for myself. 

When I have to make a conscious decision about my career, I felt that Hotel Management would be the right choice for me. As a travel enthusiast, I have had ample experience staying at hotels in various locations, which have provided me with hospitality and service during my stays in them. This inspired me to be a part of this field, as it is an extensive sector that incorporates aspects like dining, accommodation, recreational facilities, hotel maintenance, and human resources management. The more I began searching about this industry, the more I became mentally invested in this. This also solidified my decision to pursue this field in earnest and obtain professional success in it. 

To achieve my goal, I conducted a lot of research on available programs at various universities and found that the Bachelor’s program in Hotel Management at (institution name) would be ideal for me. The college has a stellar reputation among its students and alumni for nurturing talent through career-focused academic programs and a culturally vibrant campus. This is visible through the holistic curriculum of the program that deals with different aspects of hotel management as well as the initiatives taken by the college to provide adequate industry exposure to its students by interacting with experts in the field and gaining practical experience. Therefore, I am looking forward to being a part of this program and accomplishing my academic goals under the guidance of qualified mentors. 

Along with the academic program I have decided upon, I was also influenced by the academic ambit of Australia. The country is a developed economy with a robust and dynamic hospitality sector, as many tourists flock to Australia to view its scenic beauty every year. This is quite different from the society and locale I have been raised in. Furthermore, Australia’s education system is also supported by its progressive society and support measures for healthcare, transport and personal safety, offered to students during their stay in the country. All of these factors and incentives motivated me and I am keen on interacting more with people from different cultures in the duration of my chosen program. 

After the successful completion of my degree, I plan on using the knowledge and skills I obtain from your prestigious university to work in India. As I mentioned earlier, India is known for its cultural diversity and beautiful locations, which has aided in the growth of Indian hotels that offer a variety of features and amenities to domestic as well as international tourists. With the skills I garner through the course of my degree, I plan on implementing and utilizing them to provide quality services on the basis of international standards to the guests. However, given the large population of India, there is much competition among candidates for jobs in this industry. Thus, this degree will be an important factor for me to achieve my aspirations and work for leading hotel chains in India. 

In conclusion, I would like to state that I am a diligent and hardworking student who is focused on achieving my goals. This program will give me a significant advantage for my future prospects in India. 

Comparison between the SOP for Hotel Management, Hospitality Management and Cookery course.

Even though the structure and format of SOPs are almost the same, the content is not. In a Hospitality Management SOP you concentrate on leadership,  professional and academic qualities that will help you to succeed in the field. But, in the SOP for Cookery course you focus on your skills and abilities in cookery.

Things To Consider When Writing SOP For Hotel Management in Australia

When you are writing an SOP for Hotel Management in Australia, you need to consider the following things:

10 mistakes that will ruin your SOP for Hotel Management

Mistakes in your SOP are something that the admission officers hate to see. So, avoid these mistakes while writing your SOP for Hotel Management courses in Australia.

8 Tips for writing a strong SOP for Hotel Management

Do you want to make your SOP for Hotel Management stronger? If yes, follow the tips from our experts.

Cost of Studying tourism and cookery course in Australia

Australia provides expensive education. The tuition fees of studying tourism starts from 10 lakhs per year. It changes per university.  An annual cost of $7,500 to $14,000 is common for professional cooking courses.

But the course fees can vary depending on the universities you choose. Some of the universities in Australia have high tuition fees while others do not. The living expenses are calculated separately.

List of universities that provides Hospitality Management in Australia

Australia is known for its high quality education and renowned universities. Some of the top universities in the world are in Australia. The universities which provide Hospitality Management course in Australia are:


Having a good SOP can ensure your admission. We have talked you through how to write a perfect SOP, tips, mistakes and universities offering Hotel Management courses in Australia.

If you are sure about pursuing a career in Hotel Management, then start writing your SOP with our suggestions. And if you are struggling with your writing, don’t hesitate to get professional help. We are happy to help you with our suggestions. Did you find our blog useful? If yes, please share your thoughts as comments.

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