How to write a successful SOP for Australia

Are you looking to study in Australia? We know that you have to complete a lot of processes to get your seat in your dream university. After you decide your universities,  you have to start working on the SOP for Australia.

But aren’t you a bit  worried about your SOP for Australia? You don’t have to worry about anything regarding SOP for Australia.  We will talk about how to write a successful SOP for Australia through this blog. We can assist you to understand:

Let’s clear your confusion and start writing a perfect SOP for Australia .

What Is SOP for Australia?

A Statement of purpose is an important document which helps you to get your admission in Australian universities. It is a kind of a personal statement which talks about your academics, experiences, interests, goals etc.

How long should SOP for Australia be?

Unless specified by your university a normal statement of purpose for Australia would be three pages long. It is important for you to follow the exact requirements as the university demands.

What Are the Types of Sops?

If you don’t know what kind of SOP you need then  you cannot start the writing process. There are various types of SOPs in which each has different conditions to follow. The statement of purpose can be divided into several categories according to the program you choose to study or your purpose of writing the letter. It can be divided into:

University SOP

When you are looking for an admission in an Australian University,  then you need University SOP.  They are used for various masters programs such as Project Management, Hotel Management,  Nursing, etc.

Visa Extension SOP

When you are studying in Australia and you need to extend your visa to study, then one can use Extension SOP with other necessary documents.

Student visa SOP

Student visa SOP is a personal statement by you talking about your intentions and yourself in order to get a student visa from Australia .

How is SOP for Australia different compared to other countries?

An statement of purpose Australia gives the reviewers an idea about who and what kind of student they are expecting at their college. Unlike other countries Australian SOPs are much different.

Importance of having a good Statement of Purpose for Australia

The main idea of writing a good statement of purpose is to prove that the applicants are worthy of getting an admission in the corresponding university. A good SOP for Australia can convey;

How to write an Statement of Purpose Australia

An SOP talks about your career goals, objectives and reasons for studying in Australia. Therefore in order to get accepted by the university,  you need to write about how Australia will help you to accomplish your goals. But firstly, you need to know how to write an SOP for Australia. It can be divided into several paragraphs.

Paragraph 1

You have to catch the attention of your readers through the first paragraph. It should be attractive and catchy with the details such as why you choose Australia for studies and your motives, etc. Your career goals should be described here.

Paragraph 2

Once you establish your motive and reasons,  prove to the authorities that you are eligible for the course through explaining your academic background. You should talk about your academic status, life and family.

Paragraph 3

Paragraph 3 should cover accomplishments, honours and recognitions you received during your studies or work. You can also talk about your extracurricular activities and interests in this section. Connect everything logically and follow an order while writing this.

Paragraph 4

In this section, you should focus on emphasizing the reason for choosing this particular course. Mention the benefits and skills you will gain after completing the course.

Paragraph 5

The last section of the document should sum up all the details you have mentioned so far. You also need to mention how your career will be helped by this course. It should be strong and reflect your perspectives.


There are certain guidelines for you to follow while writing an SOP for Australia.

Meet the requirements

Your SOP should meet the conditions set by the universities. Eg; word count, font, size, margin, etc.

Be a professional

Use formal language and a professional style to write your SOP for Australia.

Should be brief

Your sop should be short and brief while conveying all your ideas.

Logical order

Your SOP must be divided into small paragraphs and should connect them logically.

SOP Sample for Australia

Let’s look at a perfect SOP for Australia for your reference.


My name is XXX. I am from Indian State of Punjab.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Yoga. I have ________ years of professional experience as a physical trainer. The proposed study in Sports and Exercise would be a value addition to my educational and professional experience and graduating in this program would surely prepare me for more senior level positions in some of the eminent physical training or fitness centers. Also, graduating in an international program would render me with international exposure and insights and would help me to get exposed to modern and proven fitness and health promotion approaches and methodologies. 

My Family Details

A peep into my personal history would help you analyze my application more easily. Being the only daughter of my parents, I was well brought up. My father is a retired Police officer and my mother is a teacher. Sports and fitness has always been my area of interest since my childhood. As my father was a Police officer, he had always instructed me to give importance to fitness since my childhood. Being a sports enthusiast, I have won several school and interschool sports competitions. My father is my inspiration to concentrate on fitness and yoga. And this helped me to build an interest in the same and take it as a career. My decision to pursue higher education from Australia is also an endeavor from my side to broaden and enhance my prospects and boost my personal and professional profiles. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been brought up in a supportive, nurturing, and encouraging environment. Both my parents are educated individuals who have always motivated and inspired me to push myself on to achieve better in life. My entire family is supportive of my decision to pursue higher education from Australia. 

Academic and Professional Details

Academics has always been my strong area and I have always performed well in my studies. After the successful completion of my schooling from __________ and __________ School, _________ (place), I joined _________ College for Bachelors in Commerce to follow my interest in management, finance, and mathematics. I also completed a Master’s degree in Yoga from _______ college, ________ (place). I have always had great respect for Yoga as a physical therapy approach. I have been interested in physical training ever since I started physical training or P.T. classes in school. I found the field of physical training to be in perfect alignment with my ideals, in particular, my goal of improving the quality of life and bringing back balance in the lives of diseased and differently-abled individuals.

I had worked as a Physical Trainer in one of the reputed school and here I got to engage a lot of school children in physical activities. Having provided yoga training for school children I was able to motivate children to meditate daily and consider yoga as part of their daily lives. 

Why a Course in Sports and Fitness? 

My passion for health and sports motivated me to choose masters course in Sports and Fitness. The multidisciplinary program in Sports and Exercise offered at the renowned University of XYZ draws elements from diverse areas such as medical science, physiotherapy, anatomy, biomechanics, business studies, marketing, food and nutrition, injury management, the science of sport and exercise, sports performance improvement, and event planning among others to provide a holistic training to its students to help them excel in the challenging healthcare settings of today in different roles such as wellness consultant, health promoter, fitness appraiser, sports development officer, gym manager, program director, sports coach, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor among others. The program also allows students to learn through active practical engagement as there are professional placement opportunities in settings such as sport and exercise research, workplace health, sports coaching, and health promotion. The program utilizes State-of-the-art Facilities to allow practice-oriented, industry-specific, and problem-based learning. As a person with extensive experience in Physical Training and Exercise and a Master’s degree in Yoga, the desired course is closely linked to the things about health, fitness, sports, and physical training that I have learned in life so far. The program will help me get trained on modern, effective, and international-standard Sports and Exercise practices and methodologies and help me earn the skills, credentials, experience, and knowledge required to lead a fulfilling and meaningful career as a healthcare or fitness promotion professional. It is therefore that I aim to pursue the desired course. 

Career Outcomes and Future Plans

The developing nature of India offers more job opportunities in health care domain. As people nowadays are becoming more health conscious, the need for professional fitness trainer is a need of the hour and has got lot of job opportunities as well. In recent years, India has witnessed a disturbing rise in Metabolic Syndrome or lifestyle-related ailments like diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and chronic heart failure, which has consequently also given a boost to careers in fields such as Nutrition and Fitness and Health Promotion. According to the bureau of labour statistics, the fitness promotion domain is expected to witness an astonishing 39% growth from 2020 through 2030. Additionally, the bureau also predicts the average salary of fitness promotion professionals to continue to grow worldwide in both public and private organizations. In view of the aforementioned information, I believe the course will significantly enhance my career prospects.  After the successful completion of my studies in Australia, I plan to immediately return to my home country and look for suitable employment opportunities here. My initial plan is to gain some relevant industry experience via tenure at either private or public organizations. My ultimate aim is to utilize my experience and expertise to establish a physical rehabilitation centre of my own. 

Incentives to Return Home:

I am born and brought up in India and all my family members and friends resides in India. My sole intention of pursuing a foreign degree is to contribute to the development of my country and its healthcare and fitness domain. To add to it, all my family’s immovable financial assets are based here too. As someone with a well-established life here in India and also as someone who shares a deep emotional bond with my family, I have no plans to extend my stay in Australia beyond my proposed studies. I would like to assure you that I am bound to my homeland by several strong social, familial, emotional, and financial ties. And it is therefore that I plan to immediately return back home as I finish my studies in Australia and look for suitable job opportunities here. As demand for internationally-trained Healthcare professionals is only expected to grow here in India in the coming years, I’m confident I’ll be able to secure a well-paying job. 

Why Australia and Not Other English-speaking Nations Like The US, The UK, or Canada? 

It would be an excellent opportunity for me to pursue health and fitness education from a nation that consistently scores exceptionally well on the quality of life index. The added advantage would be studying in a country that is globally recognized for its high-quality education, majorly due to its industry-driven research, application-oriented curriculum, and excellent academic standards. Moreover, affordable education than in the USA, the UK, or Canada will lessen my financial burden and enable me to obtain a rich blend of high-quality, low-cost learning. Additionally, Australia being one of the safest nations in the world has alleviated my family’s concerns about me living in a foreign nation all on my own. Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students worldwide.  A degree from an Australian university, be it Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD, is respected and valued globally. Another fact that proves the competence of the education system of Australia is the country’s impressive 99% literacy rate. As I researched to find the perfect destination for my undergraduate studies I learned of the global academic reputation of Australia for its quality and cost-efficient education and student-centric services of its universities. 15 of Australian universities were ranked among the top 100 ‘under 50’ in the 2019 Times Higher Education ranking results.

Why Not My Home Country India? 

As my family is here in India, I always wanted to study in India. India would have been a more convenient and money-saving option for me. But my research on the academic offerings of various Indian educational institutions disappointed me and I learnt that not many of Indian universities offered a course that matches my learning requirements. I also discovered that most of the Indian educational institutions do not provide adequate practical training which leaves the students ineligible for a strong career in their respective fields and inexperienced for the corporate world. It is, therefore, that I decided that it’s better to spend a little extra money so that I can grow holistically and develop vital and currently in-demand industry-specific abilities. 

Why the University of XYZ? 

I always wanted to study in a university which is globally recognized, affordable and offers highly industry oriented training and in my research to find the most suitable university for my higher education I discovered that University of XYZ keeps a tab on the changing market trends and accordingly upgrades its courses. Hence studying here, I will acquire the current and career-centric education that I require to move forward in my professional life in the most productive and beneficial manner. Moreover, studying in small classes with a low student-faculty ratio will enable me to get the expert faculties’ personalized attention and enhance my subject understanding. Besides, the college’s customized support to international students regarding their arrival, orientation, education, stay, and health will facilitate my settling down at the campus. Along with the University of XYZ I also carefully studied the teaching framework, fee structure, and course curriculums of various reputed Australian educational institutions and I found that the coursework at University of XYZ is more holistic and impressive and its fee structure is more reasonable and affordable as opposed to other Australian Universities. 

Visa Conditions:

As I am applying for the Visa Subclass 500, I understand that I must comply with the following conditions at all times:

  • I must have 80.00% of attendance at all times
  • I can only do a part-time job for 40 hours/fortnight
  • I must inform any and all changes on contact details to the university
  • I should have a valid health insurance
  • Until I complete six months of the program, the university/program cannot be changed
  • I must score a minimum of 50.00% in all subjects


I am confident that obtaining an internationally renowned qualification from the University of XYZ will groom me into a skilled health and fitness professional direly needed in my country to address its lifestyle diseases and medical challenges. During the course, I would always open to challenges academically and professionally and live up to the expectations of the university to not just shape myself to become the person I want to but also make the university proud of my candidature.

I am hopeful that you may consider the application positively.

Thank you


Comparison between SOP for Australia from India and Australia from Nepal

While comparing the SOP for Australia from India and Nepal, we can be sure that students from both countries don’t have experience in writing an SOP. 

Australian SOPs strictly follow the rules and regulations set by the universities while India & Nepal don’t have specific requirements. In India, usually SOPs are asked for master’s and PhD but especially PhDs.

How Do Admission Officials Evaluate?

The admission officers look for different things in your SOP. They are;

8 Tips for writing a strong SOP for Australia

While writing an SOP for Australia, you should keep these tips in your mind:

8 Things to Avoid in Your statement of purpose

Now you know what an SOP is and how to write it. So let’s look at 8 common things to avoid while writing an SOP for Australia.

Top reasons for rejection of SOP for Australia

While writing an SOP for Australia, you need to be aware of the rejection that can happen. But we avoid them, if we write it perfectly. Some of the top reasons for rejection of SOP in Australia are:

Top master's programs in Australia

Australia is not only famous for its nature but also for their international education system and vast variety of programs offered. With the best facilities and strong course curriculum,  Australia offers some of the best master’s programs in the world. The top master’s programs in Australia includes ;


I hope you have understood how to write an SOP and why it is so important in your whole admission process. Your acceptance and rejection is dependet on how you write it. Right?

If yes, you need to write it more perfectly and concisely. Follow our guidelines and suggestions to make it excellent. Did our blog serve its purpose? If so, let us know what you think about it. Share your thoughts, suggestions and doubts through comments.

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